As you all know, from February we have uploaded our new song “Mi honis ti miti sou ekei pou den prepi (Don’t stick your nose where you shouldn’t)” on the net. Furthermore, it’s been quite some time that we’ve been playing on our concerts some new stuff like “i teleftaies meres tou planiti gi (the last days of planet earth)”.

For these 6 new tracks, one could say that we applied an unorthodox approach-method… We first tested them in concert, we worked them, we let them be heard, we saw your  reactions, accepted your comments and feedback and now finally we decided that it’s time we recorded them.

Just like any other pure “live” rock band we wanted to record these new songs with the good-old way (full band live recording). Thus, it’s been two weeks that we have returned to our headquarters, Magnanimous Studio-Thessaloniki and with our producer, friend and sixth member of the group, George Pentzikis, we have began sessions.

For our latest news, stay tuned…..

If we have aroused your curiosity, you can come this Saturday 17/12/2011 in Club Mylos (Thessaloniki) and watch us opening the concert of Dimitris Korgialas & Lexicon Project.

Happy “Chromatic” Christmas!!!!