With joy we present you our latest site. Through that we aim to introduce ourselves to the public and inform you of our latest news and live events. The site is linked to our youtube channel so you can view automatically any new video that is uploaded.

In time we will add our e-shop so that you can buy merchandise of the band such as cd’s or t-shirts.

Unfortunately, not all pages are translated in english. We are sorry for that and we plan to fix it in the future. For the time being you can stay informed through our latest news pages.

Thank you guys. See you in one of our live performances!!!

26/10 Kafodio Elliniko, Ioustinianou 3, Thessaloniki, Greece

8/11 Tessera, N.Plastira 53, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Greece

13/11 Silver Dollar, Ethnikis Aminis 19, Thessaloniki, Greece

events chroma oct.nov 14