Send Chroma to the Nestorio River Party Festival!!!!

Click the “like” button once in the link of the Nestorio River Party and one more for Chroma to help us appear on the stage of the festival!!! Thank you very much and we hope to see you there!!! http://www.riverparty.gr/main/youthstage/270-chroma.html


Chroma live at GAIA Live Stage Thessaloniki

The first time was great, the second will be better…. 18-05-2012 Chroma with Esordio at GAIA live Stage Thessaloniki…..Be there….


Latest News – Opening act for Dimitris Korgialas & Lexicon Project.

As you all know, from February we have uploaded our new song “Mi honis ti miti sou ekei pou den prepi (Don’t stick your nose where you shouldn’t)” on the net. Furthermore, it’s been quite some time that we’ve been playing on our concerts some new stuff like “i teleftaies meres tou planiti gi (the […]


Saturday 1 October Live in NoBar Live Stage

After a long time we are back in action… Are you ready for a big gig party on 1 October in NoBar live stage (thalitos 31, Posidonio area, Thessaloniki)????


Summer in the city – Chroma at the bay area…

Chroma, together with other groups and artists of Thessaloniki, will be participating in the party of the municipal radio (FM100) and tv (TV100) of Thessaloniki…

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