The second album of Chroma was released on January 2014. It was financed and distributed exclusively by Chroma till Final Touch proposed its re-release and distribution on June 2014 with the bonus track  “mastiha” (Distribution by Cobalt). All recordings were made on Magnanimous studio Thessaloniki with producer George Pentzikis except “mastiha” whose recordings were made on Simon Georgiou’s home studio and Eastside Recording studio with producers Simon Georgiou and George Bakalis. In that second album there is a distinctive approach of the band to give to the listeners songs that would have a live feeling. Therefore, most songs were recorded live with no use of keyboards since after the departure of its last keyboardist (Stelios Sekeroglou) the band decided not to search for a new one. The band seems to find its musical identity as a 5 piece pop rock band. Zak Stefanou is featuring in the song “Erotikos metanastis” and the Street Percussion Band Kroustofono in “Mastiha”.